Glueball Pre-Roll Joints

Glueball Pre-Roll Joints

Glueball Pre-Roll Joints

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Indica Dominant Hybrid

THC: 22.5%

Total Terpenes 1.7% including: Myrcene, Carophyllene, Humulene, Valencene

Original Glue meets Snowball. An indica-dominant strain that will have you leaning back into the couch after your first puff. With strains like The White, Chemdog, and OG Kush in its lineage, Glueball celebrates some of the more potent genetics out there. Aromas of Pine and citrus with a diesel gas undertone.

Greenhouse Grown Whole Flower processed into a 0.5 gram pre-rolled joint, packaged in a sustainable 116mm tube that is compostable & biodegradable. The raw materials used to make our food safe packaging are 100% Grown & Made in the USA. Our tubes are: Home Compostable, Industrial Compostable, Fresh/Marine Water Biodegradable, and Soil Biodegradable.

Lab Results

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